Internet Marketing???

Posted March 25, 2007 by irvinfclifford
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Net marketing,yeah right I have followed all of the advice posted by so many “experts” and okay some of them have given me good advice but so many of them have filled my head full of crap,it has taken me years of struggling through the rubbish to finally get something that actually works,well some of the time,that seems to be the biggest problem with anyone who wants to try to earn on the net,dealing with all the nonsense you get fed,well it has been my biggest problem so far,call me cynical but as in all of life you gotta pay for the real good information and I have always decided not to be so dumb,with being on the net I just knew that if I searched long and hard enough then I would eventually find the good information that would lead me to making some cash from the net,free of charge.

And it took 4 years but I feel I have started to get there now.this blog is more of a general bitch about the crap and lies that float about on the net than anything else,but hey if I can’t complain here where can I my damn dog just looks at me when I complain to him,got all of the bitterness out of my system now.

Anyway,I have finally finished my new website and published for the world to see,it is doing okay and opening a few minds to the real possibilities of net business,but anyway folks gonna go now and hope you all have a good one.

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